Stranger Danger Report in Keller

In an effort to keep you informed about safety concerns in our community, we wanted to make you aware that KISD was notified yesterday about a stranger danger situation involving a Hillwood Middle School student. 

The parent reported to the Fort Worth Police Department that the student was walking home sometime around 4:15 p.m. along Parkwood Hill Boulevard and was approached by a man in a car. The man told the student that he was sent by the student’s mother to pick the student up. Not recognizing the man, the student refused to get in the car, at which time the man attempted to grab the student before the student ran away. The car began to follow the student but eventually stopped. 

At ADAA all our member's and their families safety is our top priority, and as with any time we receive a report like this, we encourage parents to talk with your student about staying safe. Here are some useful tips for child safety you may want to discuss with your student: 

  • Never talk to a stranger. If a stranger tries to talk to you, run away and find the nearest trusted adult. If the stranger attempts to follow you, continue running and yell, “Stranger Danger!” 
  • Walk to and from school or bus stops in groups. 
  • Never accept a ride without first getting permission from your parents. 
  • Never take shortcuts; always stick to the route you have agreed upon with your parents, and stay on main roadways. 
  • Never let people know if you are going home alone. 
  • Have your parent help you make a list of safe places you can go for help along walking routes. 
  • Never leave school with anyone without checking with school officials. 

If you have questions or information regarding this specific incident, we encourage you to reach out to the Fort Worth Police Department. 

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