American Defensive Arts Academy Jiten Sharma

My 4 kids go there and we really like the way the teach. They all are at different levels of belt at this time.

Jiten Sharma

American Defensive Arts Academy Sandeep Gill

If you want to learn Aikido stop by and check it out. Sensei Oliver Martinez is a very well rounded teacher who teaches a principle based aikido with practical applications. He draws from 4 or may be 5 different disciplines of martial arts.He has trained in karate, filipino martial arts kali , Jeet KunDo, ju faun, sellat (and god knows what else) in addition to Aikido.He puts together two classed every week.One can tell that he has it all together and the presentation is logical organized and very easy to learn. He is at least a 3rd Dan in Aikido, okinawa karate and has instructor ratings in JKD and kali. He often invites several experts from various programs around who bring their expertise.

The environment is respectful, friendly and cordial. I recommend it highly and with no reservations.

Sandeep Gill

American Defensive Arts Academy Bach Nguyen

My son (a yellow belt) and I (no belt) really like the school, especially the instructors. Hopefully, we will train together in the black belt club some day.

Bach Nguyen

American Defensive Arts Academy Alex Al Kazzaz

From 2003-2008 I was a student at this academy. Going from a white belt to a black belt was a positive experience.

Alex Al Kazzaz

American Defensive Arts Academy Brian Cox

My son is in the beginning class and I already can see he likes it. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎup. We will most definitely be back.

Brian Cox

American Defensive Arts Academy W. Bryan Bell

My son is having a great time.

W. Bryan Bell

American Defensive Arts Academy Chris Goulet

I've had my kid in martial arts classes here for 2+ years now and he loves it. Karate has been great for my son's confidence and has helped him to be more focused and disciplined at school. I highly recommend ADAA.

Chris Goulet

American Defensive Arts Academy Jason Terk

My boys have been students at ADAA for 6 years now. I think that their experience at this dojo has been so important. With an emphasis on building character and self-defense, they have learned a great deal. They learn very quickly that every belt is earned in this school. We are fortunate to have our kids here!

Jason Terk

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