Starting in March The Keller Point should be able to start auto-renewing your ADAA martial arts program tuition. That means you should not have to go up to the front desk every month to re-enroll. The new system that enables this feature has some limitations in how it can handle discounts so we've updated our Family Plan terms to accommodate this.

Going forward the Family Plan is now 100% off the 3rd direct family member and beyond. You only have to pay for 2 tuitions at ADAA and the entire family can train in our programs. This does mean that it is now 2 standard tuition payments without any percentage off other than The Keller Pointe 20% discount. This is due to the Point's new System only being able to apply 1 discount (which is the TKP Member discount). We hope that the new plan is exciting to families and encourages more family members to join in the fun on the mat. 


Program Pricing for Karate and Aikido

  • $105 for members of The Keller Point
  • $125 for non-members
  • $175 for All Access Pass


Online registration and enrollment is now live and can be accessed here or in your ADAA member app. 

Class check-in. 

For March we will start tracking attendance towards Rank Promotion. Each student will be able to check-in for classes on a tablet or computer every class. In the coming weeks, we will be setting up student accounts and getting student IDs assigned.

Quarterly Testing dates for 2020. Get them in your calendar as soon as possible. 

  • May 16th
  • August 29th
  • November 14th


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